diabetes can be harmful and misleading

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic health conditions adversely affecting one’s health. India is dubiously also called the diabetes capital of the world as millions of people in the country suffer from this disease. It occurs when the glucose content in your body also known as blood sugar is too high. Blood sugar is our body’s source of energy and mainly comes from the food you eat. The glucose which is taken through food and not immediately used is then converted into a stored form called glycogen and fat by the hormone called insulin secreted by the pancreas.

“During states of fasting, such stored glucose is then used to make energy required by our body. The liver is the main organ that helps us in reconverting stored glucose to utilizable glucose. Insulin is required to control this process allowing only the required amount of glucose to be released into the blood. In the absence of insulin – both these processes i.e., digested glucose getting converted to stored forms as well as controlled release of glucose from the liver during fasting becomes impaired thereby leading to excessive sugar in the blood”, Dr Srinivasa P Munigoti, Consultant Diabetologist Endocrinologist Fortis Hospital. Over time, having too much glucose or sugar content in the blood causes diabetes and several other health problems.

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