Interesting Talk On Mahesh Nephew In Film Nagar

Whenever a star kid from a prominent family is making his debut in Tollywood, they usually showcase all their best skills to the world including dances, horse riding, action sequences, car racing abilities, wooing hot heroines and what not. But that costs in crores to the producer and for that reason, they themselves (or their friends) invest in these debuts.

Recently we have seen how Karnataka CM Kumarswamy's son Nikhil Gowda invested crores of rupees to come up with Jaguar. While they have spent more than 70 crores for his debut film, it only flopped at the box office. Then we have how Akhi's debut flick had cost almost 40 crores, but failed to showcase the power of 'Jua' at the box office.

Here comes a discussion about latest star kid, Mahesh Babu's nephew Ashok Galla. Through his father Jayadeva Galla, who happens to be the richest MP in Loksabha with businesses that have thousands of crores turn over, Ashok is filthy rich than many other star kids. But the youngster picked a crime comedy that will be completed in under 3.5 crores including publicity costs for his debut, says a source.

Despite the fact that many want to showcase Ashok as a superstar who could do everything, and the hero himself having the potential to spend even 50-75 crores for his debut, the youngster made a wise choice of making a mark first rather pouring money. That's the interesting talk going on about Ashok in Film Nagar.

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